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Backwoods Security Services is well-equipped to deliver comprehensive industrial emergency medical services tailored to the needs of industrial clients. Our range of offerings includes mobile treatment centers, 4×4 ambulances, and mobile medical trailers. These assets are accompanied by a proficient team of trained medical responders and paramedics, ensuring prompt and effective medical assistance in industrial settings.

Our mobile treatment centers are strategically designed and equipped to deliver immediate medical care on-site, optimizing response time and minimizing potential delays in critical situations. These centers are fully stocked with essential medical supplies and equipment, allowing our medical responders to administer first aid and stabilize patients until further medical attention is available.

In addition to mobile treatment centres, our fleet of 4×4 ambulances ensures reliable transportation for patients requiring urgent medical attention. These ambulances are rugged and capable of navigating challenging terrain, ensuring timely access to medical facilities for patients in need.

Furthermore, our mobile medical trailers serve as fully functional medical facilities on wheels, equipped with advanced medical equipment and amenities necessary for treating a wide range of medical emergencies. These trailers can be deployed swiftly to any location within our service area, providing an additional layer of medical support to industrial clients.

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