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Whether our guards are providing security services at a shopping mall or our specialists create a comprehensive safety plan for a big-ticket summer concert — we like to say, we are big enough to do the job but small enough to personalize how we do it. 

Partnering with Backwoods means gaining your trust so we can take care of your security concerns and you can focus on what you do best. 

Our Alberta-based company has deployed its team to a broad range of businesses and workplaces and designed detailed plans to protect everything from remote oil and gas sites to crowded entertainment venues, construction, and residential sites along with the employees who work there.

The approach may vary with each client, but the service is always the same — solid, professional protection you can rely on to safeguard your people, property and assets.

The backwoods approach

Through a comprehensive risk assessment, our security program
tailors its service for the customer by integrating three primary

The Human Factor

Physical barriers

Technology Solutions

What Makes Backwoods Unique?

We pride ourselves on customizing security solutions. No cookie-cutter packages here. We start by discussing your needs, conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and then our security specialists tailor strategies to put into action.

You tell us what you need. We make it happen.

Backwoods Security Services relies on industry best practices and in-house expertise delivered by a team armed with cutting-edge technology and specialized training allowing us to offer outstanding customer care wherever and whenever we operate.

Catering to every Client’s individual security needs

Rather than pre-packaging generic security services, we design solutions for your unique needs.

The Backwoods’ team is a diverse mix of determined and dependable individuals from a variety of backgrounds, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, comprising a growing and talented team of about 500 security professionals.

We take advantage of our team’s varied skill sets by matching the most well-suited individual for each and every job.

Whenever our staff are deployed, they are supported by technology to protect them so they can better serve you. And they are all backed by our operations/dispatch centre 24/7, 365 days of the year.

“We understand working in a homeless shelter versus a retail environment can be a lot different,” says Mitch Boyd, Backwoods Security’s general manager.  “On a case-by-case basis, we determine which guard is best for which position.”

Continuous Skills

In addition to being trained on the necessary tactics and embracing the right technology to do the job, our security team is eager to expand their skills and experience. That’s why we invest in our team with ongoing training.

 We work with clients to deliver exactly what they want and if that means acquiring additional skills to prepare for challenges unique to a specific job, sign us up.

Poised to Protect
Each and Every Client

For clients requiring an advanced security response, we draw upon a skilled contingent of guards with extensive law enforcement experience and training to work in higher-risk environments. These security specialists can analyze risk and take a more proactive approach to recognizing and preventing potential issues. Often, they recognize and de-escalate volatile situations before they unfold. When it’s required, all of our guards liaise with local law enforcement to ensure everyone’s safety.

When you partner with backwoods security,
it’s a joint venture

At Backwoods Security Services, it starts with giving our clients peace of mind knowing we will protect their interests by detecting and deterring unwanted activity and safeguarding their operations and employees. 

From large oil and gas production facilities to farmers’ markets and construction sites — our team’s portfolio showcases our ability to provide professional, cost-effective and reliable security solutions. 

We haven’t seen it all. But our team has seen a lot and we pride ourselves on preparation and proactive risk management.

Our difference is in our approach

We discuss your needs to ensure a safe and secure workplace, do a comprehensive risk assessment and fine-tune a solution to make sure you’re covered. 

“Our business development and sales teams establish the relationship but our security operations management team is really involved in tailoring work to a customer’s needs,” says Mitch Boyd, Backwoods Security Services’ general manager. “We will work with whatever a client wants.”

Despite evolving over the years, Backwoods Security Solutions still prefers that small business approach — one where you aren’t lost in the bureaucracy of a big corporation and where face-to-face communication is a priority.

“We are extremely competitive and very good at what we do,” says Backwoods’ Energy Services’ Chief Operating Officer, Mark Fox. “From the solid leadership to the execution of our contracts to living up to our promises, we’re nimble enough to respond to clients’ needs but you don’t have that massive corporate structure.”

At Backwoods Security Services, it’s all about the people. 

Our clients. Our team. And the lives of those in communities we invest in — all while laser-focused on delivering tailored, comprehensive security strategies.