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The services we provide clients depend on what they need. Once we work together to determine that, our team customizes security solutions to give them peace of mind their people, property and assets are protected. 

Everything we do at Backwoods Security Solutions starts with a focus on safety, for our team and every client we serve. 

Incorporating the best technology allows us to monitor our security personnel wherever they are operating to ensure they are safe at all times. And our 24-hour operations centre provides constant support for frontline teams while assisting in surveillance and protection for clients.

Whatever the approach, the results are the same — a professional, reliable, stress-free plan.


If you want a tailored plan to protect your operations, that’s what we do. 

If you expect top-rated technology-assisted solutions to be incorporated into addressing your security concerns, we do that, too. 

If you want to be hands-off or hands-on when it comes to the day-to-day details on the security front, with us you can take your pick. 

We also weave world-class customer service into everything we do and are driven by making a difference in every community where we operate.

Protection and Connection

Communication is key to everything we do at Backwoods Security Solutions.

To reduce costs and streamline client communications, we employ the TrackTik system. This software solution allows staff to quickly create accurate and detailed electronic reports for clients, in real-time, with statistics and video and photographs. These can be emailed to the client at the end of each guard’s shift. Our documentation is designed to stand up in court should there be an incident.

TrackTik means clients can be electronically updated in real time and immediately made aware of critical incidents. It also connects our entire security team so they can work more efficiently and have immediate communication and back-up when required.

“Customer service is at the heart of what we do. We try to facilitate (operations) so clients feel like they are involved with what’s happening,” says guard and events manager, Montana Kootenay. “We try to make the client feel involved so what they are paying for is what they get.”

Our people are at the core of what we do. That is why we protect and nurture a culture of transparency, teamwork and purpose. It is why we invest time and resources into developing and training our people and creating processes and atmospheres of worksite safety.

It can be working with you to determine the most efficient, ongoing, flexible strategies to protect your organization or expert guidance and services to ensure safety is a priority at a one-time event. Either way, our team will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing facilities and assets are secure.

Many clients reach out after something has happened, an incident convincing them security is required. We believe it’s best to put your plan into action before something unfolds.

“Security is the front door of your house. Do you feel safer when you lock your front door or when you open your door at night? We are the barriers. You can sleep at night because we are always watching,” Chris Harrison, Backwoods Security Services’ operations manager. 

Whether the job is big or small, we customize security solutions to our client’s specific needs. We have the ability to mobilize rapidly in emergency cases or we will work with a client on in depth planning long before security is required

Security solutions may be as simple as strategically positioning a guard. Or it can be more complicated and involve several approaches. Here’s some of what Backwoods Security Solutions has to offer.

Stationary Uniformed Guards

Bring that visible presence to your worksite. Whether it is a commercial enterprise, residential sites or construction worksites, the sight of a professional security guard provides a deterrence. 

The message to those looking to steal, damage or create security concerns? You’re not welcome here.

Our team provides a friendly face but are skilled to make anyone think twice about targeting your property, assets or people. 

Stationary uniformed guards often do intermittent patrols and will assist with everything from preparing expert witness reports to access control and guest services. They are your eyes and ears, there to deter anything from unfolding but prepared to act professionally and efficiently if something does.

Our stationary uniformed guards are connected with our 24-hour dispatch operations centre and mobile team at all times. 

Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response

This can be a cost-effective option when a dedicated stationed guard isn’t required but you have made security and safety a priority and having nothing is not an option.

Our guards, in marked vehicles which are tracked by GPS, can do random or scheduled patrols to ensure your site is secure, deter or report unwanted people from your property or worksite and act as keyholders to lock/unlock parking lots and buildings. Their mere presence helps to deter criminal activity. They also respond to any alarms if required as well.

Mobile security guards provide reports on all site visits to let you know when we accessed your site location and if any incidents occurred.

Event Security Services

Our team will ensure patrons and organizers enjoy a safe venue experience. Our services include crowd control, access control and bag checks, and fire watch.

Our team has operated security at many events ranging from local festivals to international showcases, including the NHL bubble, World Women’s and Junior Hockey tournaments, Edmonton international Heritage festival, weddings, cultural celebrations, Big Valley Jamboree music festival and more. 

CCTV Monitoring

We can provide all the hardware and camera systems and then we will do the monitoring. We can notify you when an alert comes out, add a mobile response if required or call police if that’s what the client wants. We can provide client access to check any camera at any time on your phone or computer in real time. 

Our cameras are monitored by trained operators at the 24-hours operations centre.

Work Alone Monitoring

Relying on the OK Alone app allows us to harness technology to ensure employers can protect their staff. At Backwoods, we like this technology so much we use it to add an additional layer of safety for our own guards by allowing us to check in on each one on the hour, every hour.

Lone workers have the app on their phone, and we provide monitoring services to ensure employees like factory workers, janitorial services, real estate agents and those working alone at remote sites are safe with regular check-ins.