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While we tailor our security solutions to what best suits you — Backwoods analyzes your challenges and focuses on three key priorities when developing a plan.

  • The human factor which can include onsite security guard protection, mobile response and a team trained to have a skilled reaction to any situation
  • Physical barriers which can include fences, barriers and hardware for security doors
  • Technology solutions which can range from employing the OK Alone app to safeguard workers (our own and yours,) CCTV surveillance, GPS in all our vehicles and the TrackTik system to bolster guards’ efficiency and create economical and top-notch electronic reporting for our clients.

From large oil and gas production facilities to events, construction sites and residential or retail settings — our team’s portfolio showcases a proven track record of providing professional, cost-effective, and reliable security solutions.

We haven’t seen it all, but we’ve seen a lot. We pride ourselves on preparation and proactive risk management.


Commericial Property

Educational institutions, seniors’ homes, homeless shelters and multi-residential units. Backwoods’ Security solutions could include mobile patrols, stationary guards, CCTV, employee safety monitoring via the OK Alone system and alarm response.


Shopping malls, stand-alone stores or merchants at a farmers market and trade expos. Backwoods’ Security solutions could include mobile patrols or stationary guards.

Social Housing and Shelters

Backwoods has extensive experience providing Security services for low-income housing and shelters. Our past projects involved safeguard residents at these facilities as they often accommodate vulnerable populations, including individuals experiencing houselessness, physical violence, and those with mental health issues. Backwoods Security helps to ensure their safety by deterring crime, managing conflicts, and responding to emergencies promptly. Backwoods Security also helps to maintain order within the facility and ensure that residents adhere to rules and regulations designed to promote a safe and healthy living environment for everyone.

OIl & Gas / Renewable Energy

Refineries, pipeline construction, open pit mining, tank farms as well as power generation and transmission operations. Backwoods’ Security solutions could include mobile patrols, CCTV, stationary guards providing everything from speed tracking to bag checks and vehicle peeks with flashlights looking for contraband at remote camps and worksites.

Construction & Industrial Sites

This includes any construction site (commercial and industrial) as well as powerline construction sites, right-of-way sites and workforce camps. Backwoods is well-versed in providing security services at remote sites and equipment yards.

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