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Backwoods provides two types of mobile surveillance units: Plug in 120V & Off grid Hybrid units. These units serve as cost-effective solutions for maintaining 24-hour security. They are equipped with advanced AI motion detection systems that promptly trigger alarms, alerting our in-house monitoring centre. This involves the monitor accessing the alarm alert in real time, reviewing the alert footage, and promptly assessing the alert. If the alert is an unauthorized event the monitoring centre will notify the client or authorities depending on the clients customer notification plan. Additionally, the units feature a built-in 120 decibel siren and flashing strobes, enhancing their ability to deter intruders on-site.

The mobile surveillance units are available in two power options – the electric-powered units can be conveniently plugged into electrical outlets, ensuring continuous power supply. The hybrid units are solar-powered with a back up diesel generator, making them suitable for off-grid situations where constant access to electrical power is unavailable. This versatility allows Backwoods to deploy the surveillance units effectively across various environments and locations.

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